Legitimate Online Writing Jobs And Ghostwriting Resources

ghostwriting onlineBy the time I decided to work at home, that is do freelance jobs and anything I think would be profitable, I still had doubts if I was going to survive. Spending 11 years in the 9-5 world (or 8-6, 7-4, 6-2, and 2-10) is no joke. To not work formally would be completely new to me and besides, I did not think that home-based jobs are not that lucrative. It would definitely make me some cash but not enough to support some studies. Then I found this…

The trick to profiting from at home work is to be diligent in finding one or two sources of income and making an effort to thrive in them. You might be very familiar now with a lot of home-based gigs and these are mostly online jobs that will allow you to earn without going out of the house. But, please note that any of them won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight so let’s try to limit our expectations.

What Is Ghost Writing?

Ghostwriting is basically writing articles, PRs, novels, etc. — and surrendering all the credits to someone else, that is, the person who paid you to do the job. Most freelance online writing jobs are related to academic and SEO, which often involve reference styles, keywords, and meta-tagging. There’s a handful of academic and SEO writing websites that hire high school students, college undergrads, and professionals. Because the number has increased, you have a lot of options. Let me just warn you that not all of them are 100% legitimate.

Some of them would perform excellently during the first few months and then begin to get messy with writers during the next. You are free to try any of them and see for yourself but you can imagine the amount of time and efforts wasted. Below is a list of freelance writing websites:

Academia Research

Hold your horses! Before you sign up, let’s try to sort out which of these safely offer legitimate online writing jobs and which are not. Read on…



First, you register in their website, then you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. A set of titles for your test article would also be sent. If you got approved, you can start taking assignments with 24-hour turnaround time.

Normally, these writing assignments come in sets of five. You can only take another set once you have submitted the other. I have tried it so I know this is legitimate. If are a fast writer and can take four sets of five 500-word articles a day, you can make Php1200 a day. The topics range from health (assignments under this category runs out pretty quickly), product review, ebook, etc.

The payment per article is considerably very low (60 pesos/500 words) but the good news is that the company is 100% legitimate and pays on time. If you are good at meeting deadkines and composing decent SEO articles, you get bonuses and other merits. If you are writing for them for a long time, you would find that most of the articles are so easy to write that you can finish a set of five in two or three hours.


Like Essays.ph, this site is a local site whose author/owner is based in Cebu. The thing is, the payments are lower but the orders are also consistent. It’s absolutely perfect for people who are only looking for extra money, although you may also turn this into a fixed source of income provided you work beyond four or five hours a day.


oDesk is still another great assignment portal to get legitimate writing gigs. It’s not 100% guaranteed especially if you take writing projects on a fixed rate. In this case you need to find out whether the buyer’s payment method is verified and what the contractors say about him/her. I once had to finish 15 300-word articles only to watch my buyer run away. It was during my earlier days with oDesk. I’m smarter now :D


This is also an academic writing site similar to Writers.ph. I haven’t tried this but one of my friends had. It’s good but after a few months, she received a negative feedback that affected her payment’s turnaround. My research told me this is legitimate and I think it’s worth the try. Just be careful.


Yes, the popular site with lots of DIY stuff is paying its writers based on the article’s performance. All you have to do is to open a free account and start submitting your how-to pieces with videos or photos.

You can choose topics that have the most searches to ensure you will get high traffic volume. High traffic = more profit. Gets? Or you can also just write about anything you are passionate about. Your choice. Use Google Keyword Tool to know the best keywords to use for your articles.

And oh, there’s a catch! eHow is exclusive for now to US citizens ages 18 years and up so if you are Pinoy, you don’t stand a chance…for now.




It’s an academic writing portal where grade school, high school, and even college students get to order term papers, dissertation, and simple essays among others. This pays higher and there are a few dollar bonuses when you receive positive feedbacks. I have tried this before and it worked great on the first few months before the admin started bombarding me with claims that I violated some rules when all I did was take assignments and wait for payments. As soon as the dispute was settled, I stopped right away.

Reviews on the site also reveals a number of anomaly that you would not want to be a victim of. Most former writers complain about delayed payments, false accusations and claims, etc. Like what I have experienced, everything sailed smoothly during the first few months, then, the horror story begins after.

The other writing services follow the likes of Writers.ph and Essaywriter.com:

  • Uvocorp
  • Essaywriters.net
  • Bestessays.com
  • Superiorpapers
  • Bestessays
  • CustomTermpapers

I mean, stay away from these sites. Basically, you are helping other people cheat (as if this would stop you from earning. Not that I think academic writers are hideous — that would include me — but offering this kind of service summon some good logic). While writing about these, I also did a little research and found so many anomalies involving these names. Don’t be fooled because the website looks neat and professional as all of them are. It might just be so because the owner of the sites are one and the same.


Remember that when you engage in such kind of business, your profit would be determined by how much articles you write. Per article of 500 words range from Php60-100. There also clients who pay up to Php120 provided the article is of high quality.

Meanwhile, offshore clients give $1.5-$3 per 500-word article depending on where they are coming from. It varies, really. Some clients are willing to pay up to $10 for really high quality ones. You can try to find other stable sources of writing jobs but you must also remember that projects come and go. I’d like to borrow this interesting quote I read from Rappler.com: “The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps” by Robert Benchley.

Having been a ghostwriter myself, I can relate. My encounters with stingy buyers and scammers are so many I should tell the story to you in another post.

TIP: In case you found a website that hosts ghostwriters online, google it before you apply. When I googled ‘uvocorp scam‘ and ‘writers.ph scam,’ I found a number of testimonials that are truly discouraging. It’s pretty much what I do whenever there’s a tempting offer I’d like to jump into.

And if you know f a legitimate ghostwriting sites, I would appreciate if you would share it. Not that I would join the bandwagon during this time of the year but just for the benefit of my future readers :D



Your thoughts are highly appreciated!